Home maintenance is an essential part of household and there are rather very few items at home that don’t need any maintenance. In order to take preventive measures & to expand the life expectancy of your home stuff, home maintenance is mandatory.

Every corner of our home needs some maintenance and ignorance here is not bliss as the famous quote suggests! If we become negligence regarding the home maintenance then surely our place would convert into a repelling place. Ranging from stairs to storage every other section of house require regular cleaning but there are few things which need special care as they tend to get damage easily including furnishings, electronic items and faucets etc.

Home maintenance is not a difficult and tedious now because most of the work is being done by machines and rest is completed by person. Although we have accessible ways to get our work done and save time but more than saving time it is important to save extra money that we spend on repair and fixing materials. So make your task easy by engaging yourself into simple ways of home maintenance done at home. Find here the information for home maintenance.

Giving Makeover to Your Home

Makeover of house is always required with changing times. Change is not static and the interiors of home must be altered within years to give your abode different look. Every room of a house needs to change with the changing time and fashion, as makeovers reflects your style statement and sense of prevailing vogue. Every room has its own importance so always go for whole makeovers rather than altering one room.

Living room makeover

  • Living room is a room for where you entertain your guests and in general it has various functions to perform rather than sitting, resting and watching TV.
  • This room reflects your personalized style and way of makeovers which you can give to rooms according to time.
  • Decoration of this room is one aspect which has to be considered as it helps in creating the separate spaces within one. This can be done by using decorative rugs and carpets, furniture placement, changing your old furniture over new and kindling the room with designer lighting.
  • This room is the place where your guests arrives, rest and identifies your taste, style, interests and if they find this place pleasing they would certainly feel welcome and homely.
  • So make sure your entire living room gets makeover the next time they arrive at your place. Decorate it with the most appealing items such as wall art, rugs, pillow and cushion covers, draperies, lighting and so on.
  • You also convert your contemporary living room into antique which will give your room the blend of simplicity and uniqueness.
  • Start with wall colour and extend it to the flooring. Go to the market and buy antique rugs, decorative items like wall art, decal, mural and antique showpieces. The decoration should complement your interiors and the collections you have fixed in this room.

Bedroom makeover

  • Bedroom makeover goes for every member as their bedroom reflects personal choice and if kid’s bedroom have to be arranged and makeover is given there need have to be identified.
  • Children’s bedroom must be changed with the time as their taste also grows up with them. Bedsheets, pillows covers; curtains, desks, wall colour etc must alter quarterly or yearly.
  • Bedrooms of adults are personalized and depending upon their taste of style it should be given a makeover. You can’t always change beds, curtains and pillows rather just buy some new stuff over the old one.
  • Bedroom is dark and bleak if the wall colour of this room is not seductive and serene. It should make your ambience romantic and help in sound sleep. If you can not change anything in bedroom then colour change will fulfill your task.

Dining and study room makeover

  • Dining room is the most relaxing place and where you spend quality time. This place must be decently decorated with utmost care.
  • The furniture of dining room must be themed and changed over a period of time if not frequently. Comfortable dinning table and chairs are important in this room so change it if your furniture is bulky.
  • Lighting in this room is of importance so change your old lighting fixtures and try out the new spotlights which will make your dinner more delightful.
  • Study room is a simple place required only for studying and reading so this place must be softly coloured and with lots of light.
  • Comfort level is another aspect of study room thus makes it comfy by adding adjustable desks, chairs and tables.
  • Decorate this room with different academic murals and charts which inspires you. Do not make it clumsy by placing books here and there and pasting too many charts on the walls as in that way it would ruin the atmosphere of the room.
  • Make sure this room has adequate natural light which is important to bring positive vibes and making it vibrant.